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Commodore Decatur
                 Yacht Club

Central Illinois' Premier Sailing Club

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To print and complete a paper membership application, please click on the Paper Application Download in the box below.

All membership are required to sign a Waiver and Release. Please include a signed Waiver and Release form with you paper application.  If you apply for membership via this website, you will need to sign a printed a copy of the form, then upload the signed copy to the website. 

Beginning in 2022, the City of Decatur requires all boating clubs to have each member and persons that, "have a boat docked at or access to any pier or club must sign separate Pier Permit Agreements". This includes all regular members, associate members, and honorary members. Please have your spouse or other family member that regularly accesses the docks sign on your form. These agreements will be collected by the Club and submitted through the Club.  Please download and complete the Agreement, then return to CDYC, PO Box 91, Decatur, IL  62523-0091 or you may attach a completed agreement to an email to  no later than May 31st.  If a signed permit agreement is not received by the deadline, you will be suspended as an active member. 

To apply for membership on this website, please scroll down and complete the application information below.

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Commodore Decatur Yacht Club membership is open to all individuals or families who have an interest in sailing or who wish to learn about sailing. Persons that have a professed interest in sailing are eligible to join the Club at one of the membership levels that are described below: 

Associate Memberships are available to individuals or families that have an interest in sailing or wanting to learn about sailing that do not have ownership in a sailboat that they intend to store at CDYC. They are entitled to all of the club activities throughout the year as well as use of the club property. 

Regular Memberships are available to persons who are the owners or co-owners of a sailboat that they choose to store on the Club grounds and participate in various sailing activities. Regular memberships are entitled to one boat parking space either on the dry-dock area or upper parking lot. They are entitled to all of the club activities throughout the year as well as use of the club property. 

Student Memberships are available to full-time students not yet of age 22, who are owners or co-owners of a sailboat that they choose to store on the Club grounds. They are entitled to all of the club activities throughout the year as well as use of the club property.

Life Memberships are awarded to regular or associate members who have terminated their active membership and upon request to the Board, be awarded a Life Membership.  

All members except Life members are obligated to participate in maintenance of the Club facilities and attend work parties. This is a working club the utilizes the talents and abilities of club members to accomplish ordinary and necessary operations of the Club. Some capital improvements may be undertaken by club members as determined by the Board. 

Applications for membership shall be completed (including payment of dues) either on-line or mailed to CDYC, PO Box 91, Decatur, IL  62523. The new member will receive notice via email welcoming them to the Club. 

Full Members are members who have bought a sailboat. Full members are able to store their boat at the club. Finger slips are available for an additional yearly fee. There is a shed on site that members are able to store their sails in throughout the year. There is a boat ramp and 2 hoists that are available to members to launch their boats at the club.


Please mark the appropriate box indicating your level of membership selected followed by the appropriate informational items. Once you have been approved as a member by the administrator, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your application and payment. 

As a participating member of CDYC, you will be required to read and sign the Waiver and Release prior to participating in Club activities. That document can be downloaded via the link at the top of this page. 

The Members of the Commodore Decatur Yacht Club look forward to having you as a new member! 

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